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I mentioned a while ago that I had written a one-off for Buffy Season 8 and was intending to submit it to Dark Horse before I actually read their website and discovered that they don't even read scripts for pre-existing title, because of some kind of copy-right thing.

I was quite disappointed as the story was important to me and I had worked long and hard on it. It represents weeks of research and feverish writing and rewriting. I've been hanging on to it for a year and a half, with some vague hope that another way of submitting it to Joss & Co. would present itself. But I've come to accept reality now, and so I am posting it here on lj.

I don't imagine many will read it, seeing as I have been so sporadic in my posting, and a hundred times worse when it comes to commenting on my Flist. Also, this story does not involve any of the BtVS characters everyone knows and loves, but a cast of entirely original characters. I love them, though, and I hope that anyone who reads this will as well.

Part of the premise is that, aside from the TV ads, the Scoobies have other ways of tracking down slayers as well. More time-intensive ways, but they are what's needed for finding slayers is certain parts of the world.

The main idea, however, builds on the theme of slayerhood as empowerment.

This is the story of Amala, a Palestinian Christian, and a slayer living in a society where every form of power is denied her...

The Never LandCollapse )

(If you do read this, comments and concrit would, of course, be appreciated)
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03 December 2008 @ 04:50 am
 Here I was, thinking that we were doomed to years of being governed by right-wing mediocrity, while the Liberal party slowly spiraled towards irrelevance for lack of leadership, when the opposition teams up to throw Harper out on his ideological ass and form the first coalition government in about 90 years. W00t! 

I just hope Harper doesn't find a way to cling on to power. I guess it all comes down to what the Governor General decides to do. 

What makes me angry is Harper & Co. trying to depict the Liberal/NDP coalition as an "undemocratic" power-grab, when this is how parliamentary democracy works! It's just sickening how he tries to manipulate public opinion through blatant misinformation.

Anyhoos... Yays for co-operation against a common enemy.
03 November 2008 @ 03:21 am
The secret to making me update my journal: give me something else to do that is more important/urgent/worthwhile.
Oh, procrastination, how you are the bane of my existence, and a boon to my livejournaling.


Here are my random thoughts, opinions and ramblings on this historic election (I'm pretending people care):

It would be so exciting to be an Obama campaign volunteer. The thought of it almost makes me wish I lived in the States.

I'm watching CNN now more than ever before. I love the Magic Map. It eases my concerns that the McCain might win this afterall. Also, David Gergen is teh awesome. Thoughtful, balanced, subtle and, of course, intelligent. If only more pundits were like that.

Joe Biden is cool too. Sure, he puts his foot in it now and then, but he rocked the VP debate. He was compelling and likable and a powerful speaker. And he made me cry.

McCain is a sellout. He sold his principles to the Republican base for a shot at the presidency. It's kinda tragic, really.

Sarah Palin is the embodiment of all I despise. She is ignorance personified, yet unwaveringly confident in her own rightness and righteousness. She almost makes George Bush look intelligent. He's Mr. Malaprop, but at least when he says stupid things he speaks in actual sentences. Palin can barely form a coherent sentence when she doesn't have a script in front of her. I hate her and all she stands for. I'm looking forward to seeing her lose almost as much as I'm looking forward to seeing Obama win.

On Tuesday my best friend and my boyfriend are coming over and we're having an Election Party. We're going to order pizza and watch CNN.

I'm so excited! Hee!

P.S. I got promoted at the beginning of September. I am now a supervisor at a survey research call centre.
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Okay, so there's quite a bit of time between my posts, but at least I'm posting! Now I just have to make time to read other people's journals again.

On Facebook, the application game "Word Challenge" is evil. And addictive. It's eaten up so much time. I've gotten up to the level of "physician," btw.

I highly recommend the 360 restaurant at the CN Tower. The food is great. I had their "Fish 'n' Chips" which was actually grilled swordfish steak and crab legs (*drools*) with sweet potato fries. And the waiter recommended probably the best wine I've ever had. The best thing, though was the view. It was so much fun to find all the places we're familiar with. I could see my apartment, which is all the way in Etobicoke! (it's a borough of Toronto, and the CN Tower is right downtown). It was a cloudy evening, but as the sun set, it broke through the clouds, and there was this sunburst that lit up the west, and then slowly covered everything in a pink and orange glow. At one point John and I were just staring out the windows, and all we could say was how beautiful it was.

Yesterday (or two days ago now, actually) I went to my aunt's wedding. It was really quickly organized and informal, but it was outdoors and really beautiful. My aunt is 54 and was marrying the guy she had been with for 12 years. They had actually been in love when they were both in high school, but then when he went away to university they lost touch. Years later, after my aunt had been married, had two kids, and divorced, she saw him doing an ad on local TV and decided to give him a call. He turned out to be divorced too, and they hit it off again right away. Anyways, I hadn't seen my extended family for quite a while, so that was really nice.

So the Angel comic artist is doing the Spike comics now and that's why they've got the crappy artist now. Geez, Spike just has to upstage Angel in every way, doesn't he? Seriously, though, I like the Spike comics. The villain is original and the ending of the last one was damn creepy.

I just read the preview for the next Buffy comic, and I'm interested in where it's going. I really hope Joss doesn't pull any punches.

If you're looking to go see a comedy, I recommend Pineapple Express. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Tropic Thunder is good too, but not as. Though I'd say it's worth seeing for Tom Cruise. And for Devil's Alley. "Father, I've been a very bad boy." *hee*

Regarding all the fuss a while ago about China faking stuff during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics... I really don't care. They put on a good show. It was entertaining. I don't mind at all that they faked the fireworks, or used soldiers instead of "volunteers." It was cool when I watched it and not boring like it so often is. And, yeah, I feel bad for the little girl who actually sang the song, but the girl they replaced her with really was hella cute. When I was watching her, I was thinking, "OMG, she's sooo cute!"

And OMFG! It's the Cold War again! Russia's installing missiles in Cuba and invading Georgia! I feel bad for the Ossetians. They're just pawns in this. Georgia did start the conflict, but I hardly believe that Russia actually cares about Ossetia's independence. They were just waiting to get a foothold back in Georgia and reassert their power. I'm worried for what they've got planned for Ukraine.

I can't believe McCain's attack ads are working. As if experience in and of itself amounts to much! George Bush was the son of a president and had some of the most experienced men in Washington in his cabinet, and look what screw-ups they turned out to be!

Anyhoo. It's late. Sleep time!
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24 July 2008 @ 02:20 am
So... I haven't posted in ten months!
I think I had some kind of mini break-down last year, what with burn-out from university and the stress of not knowing what the hell I'm going to do with the rest of my life, and I just stopped communicating with a lot of people. I haven't checked my email in all this time, I've barely posted on facebook, I totally fell out of contact with my Writer's Club. But now I'm slowly getting back on track. Here's what up with me:

In fandom news...

In closing, anyone else see Nas on the Colbert Report tonight? "Makes a brother want to invest in PBS" may be one of the most awesome rap lyrics ever.
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So, Dumbledore is gay. Which totally makes sense. I have no problem with any aspect of this revelation at all, so I'm not going to add to the debate. I am going to add some icons though. If you like take, comment, credit. 


15 October 2007 @ 05:34 pm
I won tickets from 102.1 the Edge for the CASBY Awards (Canadian Artists Selected By You)! Yays! There's going to be performances by Back In Black, Finger Eleven, IllScarlet, Matthew Good, Operation MD, Raine Maida and Sum 41. I love IllScarlet, and Finger Eleven is really cool, and everyone else is solid too, except for Maida, who's become so uber-pretentious. Hee!
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28 September 2007 @ 04:13 am

Hiro is teh awesome, and Mohinder is teh hawt. So I made icons of them. And no one else.

Take, comment, credit